Posted by Roslyn Cousins on Dec 29, 2017
As part of the Rotary Club of Sawtell's commitment to International Service,  funds were donated to assist the disaster relief organisation ShelterBox. In 2016/17 ShelterBoxes were distributed in Mozambique following Cyclone Dineo and in Haiti following Cyclone Matthew.
From ShelterBox Chairman Rowley Tompsett
[In 2016/17] ShelterBox, with the help of its many generous supporters, has provided disaster aid to over 29,000 families across many countries. While this support may not seem to make a great impact on the World Health Organisation’s estimate of more than 65 million homeless people in the world, I am encouraged by the words attributed to Confucius: a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. And ShelterBox is taking many such steps. In a fast-changing world, ShelterBox is adapting to allow us to better provide disaster aid in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters. No longer is our iconic green box necessarily the best solution for all disasters. ShelterBox Response Teams now work with the communities and governments in affected areas to determine the best form of aid. It may still be ShelterBoxes, but it is likely to also include Shelter Kits, solar lighting, water purification, Classrooms in a Box, specialised tent options, blankets, tarpaulins, or any of the other aid available. More and more, it will be a combination of the aid we have available, tailored for each disaster. So, after 17 years of tracking the distribution of ShelterBoxes, the Board made the decision to cease the practice and re-direct the considerable resources needed for tracking to better provide aid where it is most required. $1000 will still provide a ShelterBox anywhere in the world, but it may also supply Shelter Kits, LuminAids, water purification kits, cold weather tents or any other aid required. We think this is a better use of each dollar donated.  From the 2016/17 Annual Report